Friday, February 27, 2009

Calories in Sugar

by: charkamman

You probably think I am extremely lucky, when I tell you, that at the moment, I have no problems with my weight. I don't think about calories in sugar, I don't think about calories in anything really. When my jeans get to tight, I just eat a little bit less for a while, untill they fit again, and that is about it, as far as my weightloss concerns.

So why would I write about calories? You probably see this page, because you are interested in the amount of calories in sugar!

Well, there is something more to say about it. I am lucky, I agree, but not in the sense that you think. It is not that I can eat what I want and not grow fatter. I am lucky because I learned to copy other people's skills, and I learned to make my own skills copy-able. This has been coming in handy on many occasions.

Because I know that you would be really happy, if you had my weight-control skills, I wil share them here with you. You will actually GET my skills, and you will feel the same way as me about your weight. But I only give this to you, as my present, if you promise me that you will go and help other people too.

Now, you are right, when you say that when you want to lose weight, you will have to know something about calories. In sugar, in fruits, meat, cakes, anything you are tempted to eat.

You know just as well as me, that if you would have only eaten vegetables, rice, wholegrain bread with a little bit of cottage cheese, you would be thin now. But you didn't, right?

calories in sugar

I will tell you my trick, or rather the basic trick. It's called the setpoint. You probably heard about that already; but I will tell you the secret of actually making it work for you. First some facts:

1. our subconscious mind does not recognize any negatives. Try to NOT think of a pink elephant, right!

2. we often make pictures of what we don't want. The outcome: we will get exactly what we pictured, i.e. what we don't want.

3. spend time to make a picture of what you want, keep in in the front of your thought, and you will get there, sooner or later. You can be sure that it will materialize, often sooner that you think.

What does that mean for our calories? In sugar we are probably not so interested anymore, because when we have our picture clear of what we want, our sugar craving is probably over. We will have to make some allowances for ourselves though, one day per week a bar of chocolate for example, or one day per week just eat as much as we like. We need that extra manoeuvering space, so give it to yourself as a present.

The trick: Imagine a clear picture of yourself with your ideal weight. stop thinking in the way you used to, because you already proved that that did not work. So take a new approach, I will take you by the hand and guide you through the difficult phases, ok? Just because it makes ME feel good if I do!


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