Sunday, March 8, 2009

Strawberry Zinfandel Trifle

Maggie Kademian's easy trifle is a classy dessert for a spring party. Prep and Cook Time: about 20 minutes, plus at least 1 hour to cool and 2 hours to chill.

Makes 10 to 12 servings
* 1 1/2 cups dry red Zinfandel
* 1/2 cup sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 1 quart sliced strawberries
* 1 plain or lemon-flavored pound cake (1 lb.)
* 2 cups whipping cream
* A few whole strawberries, rinsed

1. In a 3- to 4-quart pan over high heat, bring wine and 1/3 cup sugar to a boil. Boil until reduced to 1 cup, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla and sliced strawberries. Let cool about 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

2. Cut cake into 1/2-inch-thick slices, then into 1 1/2- by 2-inch pieces.

3. In a bowl, with a mixer on high, beat cream and remaining sugar until soft peaks form.

4. Arrange a third of the cake in the bottom of a 2 1/2- to 3-quart straight-sided glass dish. Spoon a third of the sliced berries and wine over the top. Spread about a third of the whipped cream over berries. Repeat layers twice, ending with cream.

5. Cover trifle loosely and chill at least 2 hours or up to 1 day. Garnish with whole berries. Scoop down into layers to serve.

Nutritional Information
Calories: 315 (57% from fat)
Protein: 3.3g
Fat: 20g (sat 12)
Carbohydrate: 32g
Fiber: 1.8g
Sodium: 166mg
Cholesterol: 128mg

source by:
recipes by: Maggie Kademian, Westlake Village, CA, Sunset
photo: Valerie Martin


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